Clay Bar Alternatives: Top 3 Alternatives

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Clay bars are a great way to clean your car, but there are a few alternative options that can also work. Check out these options for the deepest clean.
Washing and cleaning your car is a chore that is often overlooked. Most of the time, a quick spray with the hose and a once-over with the vacuum cleaner is enough to meet their needs. While cutting corners on cleaning your car seems like it’s saving time, it’s actually just wasting it.  There are over 700 different types of bacteria commonly found inside your car. If you are simply going through the motions of cleaning, then you probably aren’t doing much to eliminate them.  Instead of simply using
It’s important to clean tree sap off of your car as soon as you can because after a while, it will start to harden. When this happens, it can be a bit more difficult to remove it without damaging the exterior.

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