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The Spiral Embossed Stainless Steel Toilet Brush will add some style to your bathroom. A practical and essential accessory for every bathroom. It makes cleaning Home Store + More

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InterDesign's Forma Brizo toilet brush is stylish, complementing any bathroom decor. Its compact design allows for efficient use of storage space. The handle of the toilet brush and base are made of stainless steel.

Interdesign Forma Brizo Toilet Bowl Brush, Brushed Stainless Steel

Store your toilet brush in plain sight with the attractive Bath Bliss Toilet Brush Set. This brush and decorative storage container is discreet and

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Store your toilet brush in plain sight while keeping your bathroom spotlessly clean with this Toilet Brush and Holder Set from Bath Bliss. Crafted from iron for sturdy, long-term use, this bathroom cleaning set has a sleek copper finish for elegant style.

Bath Bliss Stainless Steel Toilet Brush & Holder Set | Target

Easily Clean Dead Corner: The flat brush head can be bent to fit the angle of the rim perfectly, reaching under the rim. The tip of the brush head is designed to clean the edge of the toilet bowl better by bending the brush head upward. Ventilation Slots Base: The interior of the holder is a drip slot to achieve a better drain. No ponding water leaks from the bottom of the base anymore, solving the hygienic problem greatly.

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FUNCTIONAL TOILET BRUSH HOLDER SET: Sturdy-bristled brush deep cleans hard to reach places for a sparkling bathroom; The brush sits in its own holder

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