I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN #booktok #butcherandblackbird

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38.7K me gusta,267 comentarios.Video de TikTok de larry (@larryreads): «I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN #booktok #butcherandblackbird».BUTCHER & BLACKBIRD BY BRYNNE WEAVER 🌷 | ✨ SEARCH UP TW ✨original sound - larry.

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BookTok stop what you are doing and add Butcher and Blackbird to your


Butcher and Blackbird 🩷 #booktok #fyp #tbr #bookrecommendations #butc

Accidental c@nnibalism? Immediate 5 star read. Butcher & Blackbird by

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Butcher & Blackbird, Gallery posted by Bookssyahaira

Have I convinced you? 🤣 this is the ONLY book I read twice last year!

Replying to @Me this was such an amazing book, I cant wait for book tw

🩷💜Butcher and Blackbird🩷💜, Gallery posted by Julia Lathem🌼